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Feedback Welcome and Wanted!

By Fred Treuhaft  |  Nov 24, 2013

Is it hard for you to give feedback?  How about to receive feedback?   It sure is easy to say, “Nice Job” or “Good Work”, but, giving constructive feedback that would help someone is often times difficult.  Certainly not too easy to properly convey a hard to articulate feeling or message and even harder to be hearing or seeing it as it pertains to you.

I started my blog earlier this year to capture my many thoughts and experiences.   I recognize that I am not a professional writer and actively seek feedback to my message, my style, my conciseness and my impact.   I have received some feedback but welcome more.  My son, Jay, has done a wonderful job, not only with grammar and structure, but, flow and message.  Thanks Jay!   My associate Nate asked if I would consider including podcasting.   Seeking those of interest and interviewing them for all to share.
 I like that idea, just need to figure out how to do. (My goal for next year).   My friend Jennifer gave me some great feedback about lead in’s for social media.  I will try that with this post Jennifer.  Thanks!   And of course my friend Pete urges me to observe the laws of kashrut, like not eating my eggs with cheese and of course ham.   Nothing to do with my writing, but, he certainly enjoys sharing with me this growth opportunity!

All of these ideas and feedback have been great to hear and help me think about how to write more effectively or how to reach more people more impact fully.   Once again, Thanks!   A couple weeks ago I was speaking with a friend who is an executive with a successful company.   We were talking about open and honest feedback.   While her organization’s outward messaging suggested an open and welcome atmosphere of feedback.   What was shared to me was the opposite.  Feedback was NOT welcome and NOT wanted.   Almost to a point of destroying someone’s career by providing constructive feedback.  Wow!    That is hard for me to even imagine as I am one who has grown up in organizations that promoted directness and candor.

With the organization that I mentioned, how to you change this?  How do you create awareness that open and honest feedback, while difficult to hear, may allow for growth, may head off problems and may create a more motivated organization?    I have found that it has to start at the top.   Previous posts of mine have included this topic.    How do we get the boss, or the Mayor or the manager to ask both upward and downward, “How are we doing?”   “How can we do better?”  “Are we efficient and effective as an organization?”.  What many don’t understand, is that you don’t have to agree.  However, a  few of these questions, when asked and considered, may quickly change a culture and improve all outcomes of the organization

Here is my challenge to you.    Give it a try.   Ask a subordinate, “How am I doing?” “What is one thing that would allow me to make your job easier?” Make is simple and easy to answer as it is hard to do for both of you!    And while you are of this mindset?   Give me some feedback also, because, Feedback is Welcome and Wanted!.

Feedback can be through this site, my twitter handle is fredtreuhaft , facebook,   or at fred.treuhaft@gmail.com

What People Are Saying

Keep writing my friend! Good subject today. People feel threatened by input. And people feel comfortable when surrounded by process and procedure, so leaving that comfort zone provokes anxiety. An offshoot of your topic – when friends/colleagues want to talk about subjects important to them, I ask, "Do you want advice/input, or do you just want me to listen?" Works wonderfully with family. Stephanie

Boy do I agree with you. Been hard for me to understand that. Being someone just to listen helps people process. I don't always have to offer a solution. Hope to see you soon!

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