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The best day of the year is when I put the boats in and the worse when I take them out

By Fred Treuhaft  |  May 06, 2013

What a wonderful weekend.   The weather was wonderful and the trees and flowers are in full bloom.   I have had a cottage on a lake for almost 20 years.   Being there throughout the spring and summer brings a respite from day to day rush of activity.   Since the first year of the cottage, the excitement, anticipation and joy of planning for the docks and boats to be in became an annual event that starts in the beginning of March through that blessed day once they are in. 

This year we got the ski boat in a week ago.  The weather wasn’t nearly as cooperative with a cold blowing rain.  Yet, the boat did go in, the cover got put on the boat lift and we even made it out for a cold wet boat ride.   How crazy did this look to those in the warmth and comfort of their homes watching some nuts out touring in the cold? 

Well, the crazy was me, fulfilling that excitement of boat launch day!   Of being ready for spring and summer and the fun and play of friends and family over the next several months.  Or is it the thought of the rejuvenation that spring brings.   The re-boot of life when blossoms appear, longer days and warmth.  

Being in the yard and on the water this weekend was joyous.  Playing with Sadie the dog, cutting the grass, getting the docks put in and ready.   Breathing the fresh air and being exhausted by the end of day.  This is pure joy.  

These experiences as triggered by the welcoming of the annual boat launch keeps me alive and motivated for months with a major smile as I peer out the back on the cottage looking at the boats in the water.  

For those who know me, this joy is replicated with so many other “boat launches” in my life.   Can’t we find many situations where we launch our boats?    And then we will postpone taking them out of water by finding so many other exciting, joyful events!

See you on the lake!

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