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The 98% You Don’t Get To Experience

By Fred Treuhaft  |  Mar 02, 2014

One of my favorite things to tell people is  “You are only experiencing the 2% that leaks out!”.   My head is usually going 100 miles per hour and if I let the words flow out as fast as the head was moving, well, I have certainly overwhelmed many throughout the years.   I also think so conceptually, abstractly, that even the 2% that does come out  is often  vapor thought.  So when I accidentally  or intentionally  move up to 3% or heavens forbid, 4%, watch out!    The energy and thoughts come out like water through a fire hose.   Wise council has, appropriately, coached me of having a 2% governor on the outflow if I want any chance of understanding occurring.  

I have noticed over the last couple months that the 98% is freezing up.   Similar to this winter in the Midwest, the cold and snow seems to have frozen the thoughts in my head!    But, this isn’t just me.   I am finding that the end of long winter blues are effecting those who I interact, both personally and business.   Similar to my car first thing in the morning, the oil is sluggish and the gears just take extra effort to move.   This is March 2nd!   This isn’t the middle of January or beginning of February.   And this is what I am saying to my head.   Spring is less than three weeks away!   Come on already!  

I just returned from Florida where, annually, I meet with clients throughout the state.   The reprieve from winter to enjoy  the sun, the heat and the pleasant demeanor’s started to warm up the cogs in my brain to get that craziness out of first gear.   It only took the flight home stepping through the jet way of freezing cold weather that sloooowwweeddd things down.   A week later, no reprieve, just more snow.

I look out the window toward the lake.  I see the boat lift and docks sitting on the shore just waiting to be back in the water.   Last year, I remember this time of year, the weather was so nice, I was actually thinking of putting the docks in toward the end of March.  This year, I am thinking that the snow will be here until April.   Three weeks until spring?

Back to my 98%.   Would you like to experience some of it?   Want me to leak out a little more than 2%?  Do me a favor, challenge me, laugh with me, have some fun,  let’s all create that deep thaw to warm up and get all our 98%’s working and back to the thoughts of sun, spring and making great things happen.  What do you think?

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