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Passion and Pain

By Fred Treuhaft  |  Jul 09, 2013

Passion and pain, sounds like an ebook best seller.    Actually though, I have been thinking quite a bit about both those items.   I have lived my life with passion.   Toward my family, my work, my clients, my friends,  my volunteerism.   Passion toward making a great life and a great community.   The events of the last couple years, however, certainly gave me an abrupt halt. Pain, internal and all consuming.   Sort of like getting some water in gasoline, catches some, but, then just lurches to a stop.   Now I am not the first to experience pain.  The tragedy of loss, no matter how difficult it was.   Many others have had far worse.  But, it certainly was a two by four to the head.   I just really didn’t recognize how challenging it was and how it’s impact slowed me down tremendously.    My energy and attitude just shifted.
 My autopilot of life turned off and now it is up to me to kick it back in gear. Will it be the same?  Can I command myself to think and act with the exuberance of the past?   The answer is easy.  No, I can’t.   Life for me has changed and so have I.

As days turned to weeks, and weeks turned to months, I now have reached the point that it is time.  It is time to start again, to  regain joy and passion.  To not pursue daily activities out of routine, but, to create again.  Top find passion in my being.    I really don’t have the answer to what it will be or how I will achieve it, but, the journey begins now.

How will I let go of the pain?  I won’t.  It will live with me throughout my life.  But, i will try to redirect all that  energy back to passion.   I will enjoy everything from beautiful  sunrises to evening rainstorms.   I will find the good in the people that I encounter.  I will be productive.  I will continue to help others and try to improve my community.   Above all, I will fill my life with passion, everyday.

Someone asked me years ago, Why do I live with a positive, passionate attitude?   My friends, the answer is so simple, Why not?

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