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Introducing Treu Advisors, Inc.

By Fred Treuhaft  |  Oct 25, 2016

People have been asking me what I have been up to since my June 30, 2016 retirement from Plante Moran.    Mostly, I say “nothing“, which elicits a response, “same as you were doing before retirement then!“.  Actually, the opposite holds true.  I am having fun and very busy.   What I haven’t done is blog for the last few months.  I was waiting for my company  to get up and running and Treu Advisors, Inc. has now been created and ready for action.  I want to thank my friends at  Weaving Influence for their assistance with my web  engine and site and my friends at North Design for their design influence with my new logo and business cards.

Treu Advisor’s  is created to allow me a portal to conduct business that will be very rewarding and stimulating for me.  I have moved my office to North Design at 1802 Perrysburg Holland Rd in Holland Ohio.   My friend, Dave Woodward designed and built a gorgeous office in a very serene setting.   I am very fortunate to have him include me with an office of my own and I look forward to having many over for a visit, tour and perhaps a cocktail.

I am now co-managing a real estate investment with my long time friend and former client, Tony Falzone.   Tony was one of my first clients at PriceWaterhouseCoopers and was my first when I co-founded NCOT Accounting and Consulting, which merged into Plante Moran.   We have a group of investors that acquired a mobile home park that was in desperate need for an upgrade.   We have converted it to Reynolds Senior Village , a 55 and over community.   We have now fenced the park, added lighting, renovated the clubhouse, added a new entry, pulled out over 85 vacated homes and brought in a number of brand new spec homes.    It is very exciting to see the progress and this has created a very big buzz in the mobile home park and senior living communities of Northwest Ohio.  Check us out at reynoldsseniorvillage.com .

One of my passions is business start-ups.   I am fortunate to be advising VisibleHand, a Colorado based technology start-up focusing on behavioral health.  http://visiblehand.io  My son, Jay, joined the company early in 2016 at the invitation of Matt Morris, the founder.   Matt, Jay and Matt’s father, Harvey,  participated in the Boomtown Accelerator program out of Boulder, earlier in the year.   I visited two times during this period and was asked to be an advisor.  I am also an investor.   Behavioral health is a major issue in the acute care and long term care settings.   VisibleHand’s unique approach has created much excitement and activity with prospective customers.  The company is finishing a round of financing and has moved out of the pilot stage of development.    I am really enjoying being part of the launch.

I am also on advisory boards of a pharmaceutical company and a University of Michigan start-up in radiation detection, as well as, in discussions with a few other start-ups and active businesses.   I was appointed to University of Toledo’s Rocket Innovation board, where I will also be working on the University’s commercialization of their created technologies.

All this while continuing with my involvement with University of Toledo’s Center for Family Business and the College of Business advisory board.   I am on the Toledo Area Chamber of Commerce Board and Investment Chair for the Toledo Jewish Community Foundation.   I also serve on the Historic Woodlawn Cemetery Foundation Board and two supporting organization boards.

Probably the most fun I am having is being with my family and friends.   Our kids and our grandson’s are delights to be with.   We love traveling and hope to start to check off items on the bucket list.

I will give myself a pass then on taking a few months to complete a blog post.   I am very much looking forward to sharing with the activities of Treu Advisors and the fun we can have together!

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Congrats, Fred. Best wishes from here.

I am exhausted hearing about how busy you are!

Way to go Fred. We both knew, no grass would grow under your feet!!!! Congrats on all of your adventures!! Wishing you the best always… xoxoxo

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