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By Fred Treuhaft  |  Apr 29, 2015

Recently we were in Napa Valley California visiting the Stags’ Leap Winery.    As we were tasting the delightful wine in  their dining room, I noticed the large window in the room with a Latin motto:  “Ne Cede Malis” which translates to “Do not give in to misfortune”.   I asked the guide from the winery about this who explained how the founder of the winery wanted to have a statement to guide themselves and their successors to succeed no matter what adversity.    Very astute given soil issues, insects, earthquakes, water and all the other issues that would negatively impact winery operators.   For over 140 years, Stags’ Leap has succeeded and is known as one of the higher end wine’s coming from the Napa region.

Perhaps it was the wonderful trip, the beautiful scenery or maybe even the vast amounts of wine consumed, that I decided that I need a Latin motto!    Doesn’t everyone?   Fortunately, over the years, I have become very proficient using Google translator.   Mostly I used this to send funny comments to the kids when they are online.   Who would have thought that you can translate English to Azerbaijani?

I recognize to the experts in languages that Google translate probably isn’t perfect.    Maybe it will even completely botch up what is being said.   However for fredtreuhaft.com, it has met my quality standards.

Now to the fun part, what should be my motto.    Throughout the years, I have so many different sayings, many of which I have shared within my blog posts.    Many would not be appropriate or on the edge of appropriateness, for example the sage advice I gave my kids at a very young age:  “There is nothing gladder than an empty bladder”.   While this is very astute counsel, it really doesn’t sum up me.    It also doesn’t translate to Latin.

As I  focus on my strengths,  should it have something to do with winning others over?   Something about being futuristic or conceptual?   Perhaps about how everyone and everything are somewhat connected?    All possible, but, none compares to my high desire for action, my third highest strength.

Action can be to start or to stop.   As I share often, “We do not dictate when the window of opportunity opens or when is closes, but we can decide to take advantage of what it is open”.  This would be an example of being aware to take advantage to start.   And let us not forget that nugget of wisdom from Kenny Rogers, the singer songwriter, “Know when to hold them and know when to fold them”.  This reminds us to take appropriate action to perhaps stop something.

How can I summarize this?    Something concise and insightful.    Of course it is what I love to share to my family, friends, clients and now the world, “You snooze, you lose“!   “TU PARDIS SNOOZE“.

Let me know what you think of my motto and your thoughts on action.   Either a comment on this blog, twitter or email me directly at fred@fredtreuhaft.com.

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