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The Saddest Day of the Year

By Fred Treuhaft  |  Sep 22, 2015

Sunday was a sad day for me.    That was the day that the ski boat and jet ski’s left the water.    It is hard to believe that the end of summer has crept up on me and like a sucker punch from Mike Tyson, POW, the boats are out of the water.   As you can see, the pontoon boat is still in, but, even though it has company from the kayaks, it is lonely without its good buddies.

Sunday was actually a very beautiful day.  The sun was shining bright with barely a cloud anywhere to be seen in the sky.   The temperature was in the low 70’s with just a slight breeze.   My son-in-law, Brian, helped me take the jet ski’s out.   Zipping around on an empty lake at full speed without any waves to slow us down.    What a joyous feeling, with the cool air hitting my cheeks flying around the lake.   But, this exuberance only lasted a few minutes until the trailer was backed in and the jet ski’s were attached and pulled out.

Next came the ski boat.    The challenge is taking the cover off the lift.   My daughter Katie joined Brian and me in this grand adventure.    The bulkiness and awkwardness of pulling the cover off the lift was actually pretty easy with the three of us working together and with hardly any wind to blow around this large canopy.

Katie suggested a final ski boat ride so we all piled in, including Julie, Katie and Brian and of course, Captain Matthew who assumed his position with Commodore Fred, driving the boat.   Once again, we were the only boat out there for most of the ride.    We made it around almost all the lake until Captain Matthew decided it was time for a snack.   How silly of us to head out to the boat without our traditional snacks of vegetable fries, cheese or crackers.

Julie dropped us off and she took the boat to the launch and the rest of us drove the trailer over to pick up the ski boat.   It also came out without a problem to be driven back to Toledo for storage.    I am sure no one could see the faintest of tears welling up in my eyes as my high performance watercraft finished their summer duty.

Are the boats a metaphor for my life?     The vibrancy that summer brings with the sunshine, warmth and activity?    The high performance ski boat and jet skis representing my youth full of speed, power and muscle.    I am at the age of a puttering pontoon boat?   Or am I skimming through the quiet waters of my late 50’s in my kayak?    With the peace and tranquility of life  around me?

We do slow down at a certain point in our lives.   The vision and hearing aren’t as sharp.  The dangers of speed and adventure maybe step down just a bit.    However, to me, it is more attitude than age.   While the summer is ending, autumn in upon us.   I won’t slow down and my adventures will change.  The excitement of football, bike rides and walking the dog in the park.   Indoor exercise replaces many of the days outdoors and having trips planned and already on the calendar.

Life should be about living, no matter what season and what age. So perhaps it wasn’t the saddest day of the year.  Not even close!

What People Are Saying

Time to start moving south for the winter so you can put the boat back in the water and enjoy serenity year round. Just saying.

You painted a very nice picture of the "last day of summer". What's crazy is it seems like it was just starting to warm up, and now Fall is upon us. In many ways, just like in life, we adjust to the changing season. While we can't do the same things we did in Summer, we still have a blast in the Fall. Keep up the blog posts Fred!

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