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The Challenges of a Conceptual Thinker

By Fred Treuhaft  |  Mar 24, 2015

Most days I enjoy being a conceptual thinker.   Thoughts cross my mind like wisps of vapor.   I find one of interest and play with it.    I go deeper and bring it from abstract to a concrete thought.  A thought that I can articulate and maybe even post in an email  or perhaps, in my blog posts.   What I recognize, though, is the energy it takes me to accomplish this.

Someone could ask, “Doesn’t everyone think conceptually?”    We all have fragments of thoughts.    Most however can string them together or recall in detail facts or events.  I can remember many facts and certainly many events, but, when pressed on the details, I struggle with the precision of what occurred.

Compounding this way of thinking for me is I typically also think forward, not historically.   Strange, yes!    But, that is how I am wired.   It is almost easier for me to tell you what is happening tomorrow, then to ask me what I had for lunch yesterday.   I am always planning, projecting, connecting the future.

I was sharing this at lunch today with Becky Robinson.   Becky is the owner of Weaving Influence, and a social media guru.   She promised to help me with my website and expand my social media presence.   Our discussion ranged from “What is my goal of a social media presence?” to “What is my brand?”.   Certainly, now that I have shared how I naturally think, all of her questions were answered with nebulous remarks.

What is my goal of a social media presence?   What is my brand?    How does this add value?    As I travel through the next several months, on my journey of re-purposing, these are questions I need to ask and have answered.    If it was left to me alone, I am sure I can rationalize  some abstract thought, but, will it stick?  Will it be of substance?    This is where I need your help.

My retire partner, John O’Neil,use to tell me I  reminded him of an old American Indian story, describing a brave , one who sees birds in  air.   Nice of John to tell that to me often, but, it was his way of saying, how I had often spoke in a very non-concrete manner.   This feedback did help me take my time, think through issues and speak much more clearly.  Thanks John!

Now I ask you to tweet, gmail, facebook or leave comments on here for me.   What is my brand?   What should my goal be utilizing social media?   Does this add value?

Thanks for your help!

What People Are Saying

Words that come to mind re your brand … Genuine, bright light, ignition source, fearless, connector.

Thanks Chris. I appreciate all of our conversations

A thoughtful adventurer… dedicated to….

Good Article Fred

perhaps the questions should be asked in reverse- I think you need to figure out how you want to brand yourself first, then set goals for achieving that brand. Good read!

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