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If I Was Crazy Would I Know It?

By Fred Treuhaft  |  Jun 12, 2013

Several years ago I pondered that question, if i was crazy would I know it? Chances are, no, I wouldn’t. I may recognize strange things happening or changes in friends, family and others and how they would deal with me, but, I really don’t think I would know. This really got me thinking about how would I find out and it how any feedback can be received. Probably the best and simplest is just to ask! Ed Koch, the former mayor of New York had probably the most famous person seeking feedback. His standard line was “How am i doin?” He was an engaging and popular mayor and I am not sure how he processed all this feedback or if he ever did anything different, but, odds are, he grew in his personal skills and popularity by asking. Our firm, Plante Moran, has a very robust career planning process. Period and annual evaluations and a culture of feedback. Even with all this, I have many times told our staff that if they really wanted to get feedback, just ask. It is so much easier to give and usually the staff is more receptive to receiving. But, it is hard to do. How to be specific and constructive. Not to be personally judgemental, but, situationally. This takes much practice and still difficult. Feedback truly has to have two parties, one to provide and one to receive. This shouldn’t apply just to staff, but, to managers and leaders. Seek constant feedback from those above, but, even more so, those below. This provides a sincere sense of caring and willingness to hear how your behaviors and communication are recieved. It isn’t easy and you may have to ask several times to get the direct feedback, but, it is always worth it. So? Am I crazy? You ask my family, friends and co-workers and they would answer ABSOLUTELY! I have to admit, I am different. Certainly not a vanilla kind of guy. I just hope it is the fun and caring kind of crazy. How about you? I love recieving feedback on my blog postings. Please feel free to provide in the contact area. Thanks!

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Maybe it's "CRAZY"! Like in a Steve Martin "Wild and Crazy" kind of way! :)

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