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I Have Nothing to Say!

By Fred Treuhaft  |  Mar 20, 2016

When I started writing my blog a few years ago, I had hoped to post about every 3-5 weeks.   I have been pretty consistent with my postings, but, have found over the last few months I have slowed down.    This is somewhat troubling to me.  I have made a commitment and I want to fulfill it.   So I am trying to be introspective and determine why my creative writing has run out of fuel.

Perhaps it has to do with my upcoming retirement or as I refer to it as my “re-purposing”.   As a partner with Plante Moran, I was required to give over 2 years notice to retire early.  We have mandatory retirement at age 62 and June 30 of this year, I will be 3 days short of my 59th birthday.   This two year period allowed me to notify clients early, work with existing staff and partners on the transition and provide some history for the new staff on the clients and our relationships.   This transition has gone very well and I commend all my staff and partners for their dedication and high level of service to my very wonderful accounts.   I have now found that it is going so well, that with three months to go, the phone isn’t ringing and the email’s have slowed down significantly.  I guess the transition from the clients standpoint is also going very well.

My personality is wired to always be looking ahead, focusing on what can be done, how I can be of service and pursuing opportunities.   Now here is where I think I am challenged.   I have been focused on the transition, but, also holding myself back as to what comes next.   This has left a big void in my brain.    Pulling back on this wild stallions charging forward in my head has taking much energy and this energy is more focused on putting on the brakes versus stepping on the accelerator.   This is very unnatural for me, so, maybe that is where the void of creativity is coming from?

One of my favorite sayings is “Change is great, just don’t involve me!”   I graduated from college in 1978.   I have been practicing as a CPA for 38 years.   During this time, I had a couple early changes, but, have been working for the same firm, including the merger with Plante Moran, since 1984.   I have been in the same building since 1994, 22 years.   While I have changed my office in the building a couple times, I am pretty well set in the same spot, with the same furniture and same view for some time.   Is the thought of change freezing my thoughts?   I have to say, I am struggling to envision my new surroundings, my new routine, my new career.

My third strongest strength is “action”.    This hold pattern for the next couple months certainly doesn’t play to this strength.  Could this be impacting me?  Oh woe is me!

So, what to say?   I guess I just did!   I will write about the start up that my son is involved with.   I will about my recent discussions with some of the younger people of Toledo on their personalities and future.   How about if I write about downtown Toledo development?   So much to say, so little time.

What I really appreciate though is the encouragement that many of you have provided to me to continue to write.   Now, I do have something to say!

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Retirement requires you to reassess your situation in life. Professional life provides gratification that is not there in retirement. Pursue your hobbies or better yet develop new hobbies. Think out of the box, develop the new Fred.

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