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Giving Thanks 2015

By Fred Treuhaft  |  Nov 25, 2015

Yesterday evening I heard the beep on my phone notifying my of a text.   Much to my surprise, it was from my friend, Jennifer.    Her text was to thank me for being her friend and being supportive to her career.   I thanked her and shared how easy it is to help someone as talented as she is and we exchanged how we would be looking forward to getting together soon.    What struck me after, was the impact this had on my the rest of the evening and still today.    A brief few words of sincere gratitude created a peaceful comfort that continues to be with me.   It reinforced the power of sharing thanks with those who are important to you, those who have helped you, those who work for you and those who love you.

I had been thinking recently about Thanksgiving this year and posting thanks.    My motivation, however, was stymied by my thinking, would this be sincere?   Would it be too schmaltzy?   Could I articulate my feelings in a manner to convey my gratitude to others?    The text really brought perspective to me.   I do not have to string together platitudes in such of way of receiving the Pulitzer prize in literature.  It doesn’t matter if some find it cheesy, and somehow, the words will come to me to express my true gratitude to others.  
With my impending retirement/re-purposing this upcoming June 30th, my sharing thanks is even more meaningful to me.   With that said:
Thank you!
Thank you to my friends, many of whom are clients for your friendship, support and love throughout my life.
Thank you to my clients, many of whom are now my friends for your belief in me, your support and friendship.
Thank you my community, for providing this incredible opportunity allowing me to build a business and raise a family with security and opportunities.
Thank you to my current and former staff, who have put up with my unique teaching methods, who serve our clients at the highest level and many whom have become my friends.
Thank you to my Partners and to my Firm.   Plante Moran is an incredible organization.   It truly is one of the best places to work in America.
Thank you to my family.  The love and support, the encouragement and belief, the laughter and the tears, all of this makes my life complete.
And thank you to everyone else that I may have missed.   I am so fortunate to have met and connected with fantastic people of pretty much every walk of life.   Each one of you has had an impact on me in a meaningful way.  Allowing me to continue to grow in so many different ways.
This year, Thanksgiving of 2015, I am truly blessed thank you!   To each of you and your families, may you have a joyous holiday season, full of love, laughter and gratitude.

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