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By Fred Treuhaft  |  Mar 24, 2013

O D S I have for some time thought I should start my own blog. My many ramblings and rumblings will –poof– into thin air unless I take some time and start recording these thoughts. So, my first posting is about one of my favorite subjects, ODS. What the heck is ODS? Well, that is exactly what I thought when I first heard this term.
It was used to describe someone in a not so flattering way. This happened years ago and when I asked the individual what it meant, they laughed and said, “oh, you know…..Odd Duck Syndrome!” Well, needless to say, I wasn’t to excited about this term as my personality probably would meet the definition in many situations that I have been involved. This is what I have found so interesting as I have studied personalities and how they impact situations. People tend to judge the person as opposed to the situation. This includes organizations that are comprised of a disproportionate type of personality rather than a diverse one. As an example, an accountant in a marketing firm would often be viewed through personality lenses different than most and similarly, a marketing person in an accounting firm. My opportunity and challenge through the years is recognizing these situations to try to bring understanding to all the parties involved. There are certainly plenty of battle scars from this pursuit, however, the understandings that have been created have brought some remarkable collaboration opportunities as diverse personalities work together and enjoy the differences to bring a great outcome. Recognize that ODS may be about situations, not individuals. Let’s build on our unique strengths and have fun with our differences. Join me in my world of ODS!

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