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The Weather Outside is Frightful!

By Fred Treuhaft  |  Jan 26, 2014

I am sitting here at our cottage looking outside.  What I see is very similar to the space below this word as I type—-nothing but white.   The vast emptiness of nothing.   I was thinking of having a post of nothing.  Just this intro and then inches of  blank.  Like looking outside and not being able to see the other side of the lake.  Just a sheet of blank, white space.  

I am not use to white space.   My mind constantly is racing.  Full of thoughts, things to do, places to go, tasks to complete.   It is rare when I have white space.  Sure, I have to work out today, the Toledo basketball game for later tonight and playing with the dog.  Even the tough drive ahead today through this snowy, blowy day.   But, I have organized quicken for our finances, done most of my client billing, too early in the year for tax returns.   Just a quiet Sunday morning.  

Is having white space good?   Just chilling and vegging?   Getting lost in CBS’s Sunday morning show?  Playing games on the computer?   I guess I can do this for awhile.  Very much similar to the snow outside.  Enjoyable to watch, for awhile, but, the snow gets me thinking about driving, the cancellations and changes in this weeks schedule and just staying warm.

Maybe I am wired to not be a white space person.   This isn’t bringing me solace or peace, more like stress and anxiety.   Yes, I do enjoy it for awhile, but, it’s time to get moving, get the brain cranked up and active and back to it!

Even with the white space, it is time to explore, play and go!

Have fun in this frightful weather!

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