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Thank You for your Service Dad!

By Fred Treuhaft  |  May 26, 2013

On this Memorial Day weekend, I have been thinking about my father, Jack Treuhaft. My Dad passed last July after a short illness. He was 89. My Dad lived life, embraced life, made the most of every day. I very much share my Dad’s zest and outlook of making the most of every day and serving those who are not as fortunate. Dad served his country proudly. As a WW II veteran, he served in the Pacific campaign as a communication officer. Following his return, he served with the Army Reserves for over 25 years. Dad was modest about his role in the service and rarely talked about conflict or difficulties overseas. He would tell stories about some of his buddies or how he received a coded message that the war was over. His job was to decode and deliver important communications. He accepted his responsibility with the utmost seriousness and respect of confidentiality. My father had strong integrity. A very honest and loyal individual. A year before he passed, my father and my son, Jay, had the wonderful experience of flying to Washington on the Honor Flight. A program bringing veterans to DC to honor them and remember their commitment and duty to their country. I truly believed the my Dad was far more honored to spend the day with my son and enjoy experience together. That is the kind of man he was. A love for his country and a love for his family. I miss my Dad. He was always there to help with whatever we needed. He never asked for anything in return nor wanted anything. Just to be with family was his reward. Dad, you were great man. You touched so many lives and your strength of love and conviction will stay with me throughout my life. Thank you for being a role model. While tomorrow is officially Memorial Day, every day finds you in my memory.

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