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Sad and Disgusted

By Fred Treuhaft  |  Sep 05, 2014

I have a routine of what I read every morning.   All of which is online.   This includes CNN, Foxnews, a variety of local Toledo News, Wall Street Journal online and I have to admit, Facebook, to see what is happening with my friends.  This morning as I was scrolling through, I found a re-post from Andy Golding, President of The Jewish Federation of Toledo.   This was a story from yesterday about the student body president at Ohio University.  This young woman, Megan Marzec, was challenged to the the ALS ice bucket challenged in good spirit by the President of the University.   Ms. Marzec seized this opportunity in a grossly perverted manner to dump a bucket of blood over her head to symbolize the genocide of Palestinians by Isreal.   She was demanding that Ohio University divest itself with investments in Israel and also cease foreign exchange programs between the University and Israel.

I am very sympathetic with the tragic loss of civilian lives in the conflict.   It is with much pain, that I read and watch children been injured or lost due to the fighting.    However, Ms. Marzec solely accuses Israel for the conflict and resulting casualties.    What Ms. Marzec ignores is Hamas, whom the United States deems a terrorist organization, uses these civilians as human shields.   How Israel, in a most unprecedented manner, warned the areas that were being bombed.    How Hamas shot random missiles a populated areas in Israel with no regard to who was targeted.  

As Ms. Marzec’s stunt just occurred, where was her public outcry of the beheadings of James Foley and Steven Sotloff?   Perhaps her sympathies for these “oppressed” terrorists justifies the brutality of these killings?   Ms. Marzec, is that your position?    Or how about Hamas killing over 30 so called Israeli collaborators?    Many of whom where publicly shot in the head before woman and children?   Is this the kind of society that you would like to live?   Perhaps you would like to relocate to a society that has no criminal justice system?   One that kills at will?

What perhaps tipped me to write what is a very unusual blog post for me, is she used a worthwhile cause, something to bring attention and funding to a debilitating disease, ALS, to promote her ignorance on world affairs.  

I am outraged by Ms. Marzec’s stunt and hope that Ohio University and its students will remove her from her position and replace her with someone who is a true leader.  

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