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It’s about time!

By Fred Treuhaft  |  Sep 01, 2015

For those who know me, they would have predicted this would have occurred many years ago.    I am speculating that as a result of an extensive letter and email campaign, tweets and perhaps even personal travel to lobby for this significant event, that the World Meteorological Organization finally recognized the hurricane that I am.    That’s right, you heard me, officially there is now HURRICANE FRED.

This is for real!   A hurricane has formed in the southern Atlantic.    With this said, I hope that it never reaches land and that no lives are put at risk.   This is much more than I can say for myself, where I put many people’s sanity at risk.

This hurricane is very timely for me.   Many know that I will be re-purposing myself come June 30, 2016.   The pursuit of this has been going on for the last couple years with much introspection.   What are my strengths?   How are they received within the marketplace?   What value corresponds to my efforts?   At my recent and last career planning with Plante Moran, my advisory team provided some very good counsel on these questions.    Working with entrepreneurs, growth companies and start-ups very much fits my strengths, with a caveat.   With the right audience!   By nature, I am big, I am loud, I can talk fast, I am direct, I can overpower a conversation, hence—hurricane Fred.   The caveat is, with the right audience.  With those who are receptive to the passion and drive that I bring to the conversation.  This has taken me years of head butting and consternation to learn, but,  this hurricane has been brought down to a rain storm, OK, maybe a tropical storm in many discussions, but, I do like letting out with a full throttle.

Understanding myself has taken many, many years.   Now is the time to find the right audience.   A group who embraces change and innovation.  Those who strive to commercialize concepts, grow organizations, create wealth.    This is my audience.    It provides stimulation and success.    I have already found several of these people.   They come in all ages, industries and backgrounds.    I look forward to making things happen, harnessing my hurricane force toward the greater good.

I guess I will be waiting now for a call from Al Roker or Ginger Zee.   Maybe they will stand in my driveway waiting for the storm to hit.   Better yet, I will invite them in and we can make something happen!     Let me know if you want to experience some of this hurricane.

What People Are Saying

Love it! Hurricane Fred…passing over our community and leaving a wake of growth and innovation! Great stuff as always Fred!

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