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By Fred Treuhaft  |  Apr 07, 2014

I really love Pharrell Williams’ song, Happy.   I think most people do.  What makes this so enjoyable is the melody and also the message.  Happy!   This is perfect timing as Spring seems to have finally arrived and some sunshine and warmth certainly puts me in a much better place.  We were working outside yesterday, cleaning the garage out, getting the patio in shape and playing with the dog.   Amazing what some fresh air does to the psyche.

I often wonder why some people are naturally happy and others so negative.   There are many reasons for both, but, that natural positiveness is so refreshing and contagious.  Perhaps those who are naturally “up” understand how providing positive feedback and communication impacts family, work and community.   In fact, a study last year, determined that 5.6:1 ratio of positive to negative or constructive feedback was the norm for highest performing teams.   I find that incredibly interesting as most feedback is not positive and the impact definitely impairs performance.

I am very involved in our community and we have a brand issue.   Too negative over the years creating almost a lose-lose attitude.   How and why this occurred, I won’t go into now, but, if we could change the ratio, to maybe closer to the 5.6:1, wouldn’t that have an incredible effect?   Out branding initiative does have a new roll-out, which very positive and well received. http://www.toledoregion.com/  However, there are still the vocal bunch of harpooners, shooting down anything positive to come along.

Why don’t you join me?    Start counting the positive to negative.  Together we can raise the ratio and create some fantastic things!    If nothing else, sure would make us…..Happy!

What People Are Saying

Great post Fred! It would be great to get that ratio up in relation to Positive vs Negative. I really like the new Branding campaign, and what I like most about the message "It Matters Where You Make It" is that it points right back at the individual. To me, it invites you to take ownership of the city/region. Not only does it matter what you do, but it matters where you do it. For someone to ridicule it (or shoot back negativity), speaks more poorly about them than the Toledo Region. It’s SO easy to be negative. Are there problems? Yes. Are there great opportunities? YES!
In the end it’s about being a part of the solution. Negativity solves nothing. As the saying goes, if you aren’t a part of the solution, you are a part of the problem.

Thanks Doug! The negative people are naturally networked together. We all have to band together to offset!

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