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By Fred Treuhaft  |  Jan 12, 2015

Tonight if college footballs first championship game.   I am extremely excited as my favorite team, The Ohio State Buckeyes, will be hard charging toward a victory!   Their journey  this year has been very exciting, from the low of the loss to Virginia Tech, to their last three victories, over arch rival Michigan, the Big Ten Championship blow out of Wisconsin and the recent, hard fought victory over number one, Alabama.

I wasn’t always a Buckeye fan.   My father, of blessed memory, attended U of M.    He came from a divided family where he and his one sister attended U of M and his other sister and his brother were OSU.   While my Dad wasn’t a huge sports fan, it still brought much discussion  and ribbing each year as one or the other proved victorious.   Back then, it was the WoodyBo era.   Their rivalry was one of football’s finest.    I did like Bo, so U of M was my team.

It wasn’t until college that I changed loyalties.  I liked the more aggressive offense of John Cooper and Michigan was having a couple challenges.   The momentum continued to build as my two oldest children attended OSU and we attended games and cheered all the louder.

A few years ago, the resignation of Jim Tressel and the sanctions of the NCAA, didn’t deter my allegiance and with the new era of Urban Meyer, the attitude and enthusiasm is at a high!   I should add that my attitude is also toward the Big Ten.   The much maligned conference that received a pummeling by the media and county over the last few year.   I am proud to root for any and all the Big Ten, no matter what the team.

Here we are, the countdown is on!   Let’s go duck hunting and bring the victory home!  Go Bucks!

ADDENDUM:  Late evening, January 12, 2015, The Ohio State Buckeye’s rolled to a national championship defeating Oregon, 42-20.    An incredibly exciting game, the celebration continued well into the following morning.   GO BUCKS!

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