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“Fred Fell Down and Broke his Crown, Where is Jill?”

By Fred Treuhaft  |  Oct 08, 2013

So I had a little accident Sunday morning.   Nothing like an early morning visit to the ER.   Here is what happened, the perfect storm.    Combination of low carb diet, heavy work out, not enough hydration and perhaps the flight of wines from the evening before.   I stood up too fast and boom, head hit the door frame in our family room and out like a light.   Received a very nice 3 1/2 gash on the back of my scalp.   Also a nicely bit tongue and one sore tush!   I was thinking of posting the picture, but, I will spare you that view.   My son did say it is perfect for Halloween, a nice Frankenstein look including a couple of staples.

At Toledo Hospital, they were great.    Almost like they were waiting for me to show up.   Met me with a wheelchair, rushed me back to the exam room, hooked me up to all sorts of monitors, EKG and drew all sorts of blood.  So much blood drawn that I asked if Dr. Acula was the attending??  (Think about that)   They then did a bunch of tests, including I think an eye test, urine test and even the Iowa test or was that from 3rd grade?

Fortunately, everything came back perfect.  I am still wondering what they meant when they said the CT of my brain showed nothing?  It did get me thinking, however, to how lucky I was.  Perhaps it is my personality to look for the bright side, the silver lining.  While I did get a boo boo on my head, it could have been so much worse.   I didn’t break anything, it wasn’t anything more serious and now I have had a mini executive physical!

How we think of accidents goes a long way on how we look at life.   Are we focused on how bad things went or how fortunate on how worse it could have been?   When I twist my ankle isn’t it better than breaking it?  When I bruise my behind, isn’t it much better than breaking my tail bone or hip?  

Certainly it is scary and painful to experience what I did, but, a couple days of healing, some Tylenol and perhaps a cocktail or two and I am thinking “Good as New”.   And to top it all off, my daughter the doctor, Dr. Katie, gets to take the staples out this Saturday!  Yahoo, those years of med school and residency get put to use.

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Always looking on the bright side! xox
…and what does Jull—Jill have to say about the 'fright' she endured?!?!?!?!

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