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Commodore in Training

By Fred Treuhaft  |  May 11, 2015

 The Treuhaft clan has a long and significant nautical history.    Poppa Jack Treuhaft was a proud boater starting with his 17ft outboard and progressing to the majestic 10 ft. Mac Dingy, 19 ft Flying Scott, 25 ft. Redline, the sturdy 30 ft. Morgan, to the 24 ft. Tolly Craft and finally the 22 ft. Lyman.    Rising to the top role at North Cape Yacht Club, Commodore Jack, of blessed memory, was most comfortable on the water.  

This love of boating passed to Commodore of Wexford, Loch Erin, Poppa Fred.    The mastering of ski boats, pontoons, jet ski’s, kayaks and the ever dangerous paddle boards.   This love of the water and boating spawned the quote:  “My happiest day of the year, is when the boats get in the water!”.

Now, the legacy continues, with mini-me,   Commodore-in-training(CIT), Matthew Z.   Observe the firm grasp of the wheel.   Notice the look of control and leadership.    Truly a natural for watercraft command!

The true legacy, however can be observed post service.    Notice the ability to catch a few winks during break time.   This ability to rest and then rebound for when action calls, marks the traits of expert seaman.    Dreaming of the time when CIT Matthew can be back on the rolling waves of the lake, ready to command his next watercraft for all to enjoy.  

As CIT Matthew states:  “yah yah ba ba ya yah”, which translates to “All aboard mateys!”

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