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Baby on Board

By Fred Treuhaft  |  Dec 16, 2013

Yes!  It’s official.  My daughter is having a baby!    Katie and Brian officially announced on Friday.   Couldn’t be happier.   Baby is due July 19th.   I have been thinking about this and was going to be real serious,  circle of life type of blog, but, hey!  We are thrilled!    Kvelling, which means, beaming with pride.

Having a grandchild is wild to think about.   My thoughts have always been on kids, but, I really haven’t thought about grandchildren.   Wanting them, yes, but, having them?    Just wasn’t part of my thinking.   Maybe it is because I haven’t fully comprehended how old I really am.   But, having a grandchild, wow, a huge change in what to think about.   Over the years many have shared how wonderful it is to have grandchildren.  My parents life became so much about  our kids and they fulfilled so much of their lives.  

I have joked for years, that when I do have grandchildren, I want to be called something different, like  “The Commodore”  or “The General”.   Go ask the Commodore if you can go to the movies!   Now that this is for real, I am just not sure.   Certainly I can’t be a Grandpa, or something like that.   Hummm, I will have to think of something easy to say, but, reflecting who I am.   Maybe something like……Goofy?  Nah, already taken.

There will be babysitting and adventures and boating and swimming and playing and presents and silliness and spoiling them and oh so many fun things to do!   Why didn’t I have grandchildren earlier!!!   Now I understand—-I get to be a kid again!   Whoopee!  Hooray!!    I will have to ask Katie to move this baby along.

So our big news is exciting news.   Good news.   Happy news.   May Katie and Brian find health and happiness throughout this pregnancy and may little Baby Z, find only joy and happiness throughout its life!  :)

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Congratulations to your entire family! You will be an awesome grandpa!

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