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A Tribute to my Friend, Tony Falzone

By Fred Treuhaft  |  Jul 31, 2017

There are some people that come into your life that have a profound impact.   My good friend and partner, Tony Falzone, passed on July 16, 2017.   Yesterday, there was a celebration of his life that was attended by hundreds of people.   I was not alone in being impacted by this remarkable man  »  Read More

What a Difference a Day Makes

By Fred Treuhaft  |  May 02, 2017

Six days ago, I finished my first yoga session. It went very well and I was feeling fantastic. The hour of stretching, breathing and pushing myself to some limits really energized me. When I stepped on the scale that morning, I was at my lowest level in months. I was on fire. Roll forward six days  »  Read More

Frame of Reference

By Fred Treuhaft  |  Jan 13, 2017

One of my more significant roles since “re-purposement” is co-managing Reynolds Senior Village, a 55 and older mobile home community in Toledo, Ohio.   My co-manager and partner, Tony Falzone, is a spry young 84 year old, with over 50 years experience developing and managing mobile  »  Read More

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